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The Farm

The main livestock enterprise here at Warren Farm is a commercial sheep flock. The breeds are comprised of Speckle Face and Beulah ewes.  We breed these sheep to produce meat, replacement ewes for ourselves and high-performance mule ewes for other flocks. The main flock is kept within what’s called an easy-care system; this means the sheep are given more freedom to graze and exhibit their natural behaviour which allows us to maintain a lower labour unit per head of stock without compromising on health and welfare.

We also have a herd of Aberdeen Angus cross cattle. We find this cross breed of cattle is ideally suited to the conservation grade land that we farm; some on behalf of organisations such as The National Trust, Longleat Estates, Somerset County Council and the Somerset Wildlife Trust. They are immune to tick borne diseases and can produce a commercially sought-after beef animal. We operate a closed herd policy and breed all our own female replacements. We do have to occasionally buy new bulls; these will always come from high health status, accredited herds. Private sales are always welcome; please contact us for further details.

We’re very aware of the interest in food production at present and are keen for people to be able to find out more about how their food is produced and where it’s come from. Our sheep and cattle are kept in a very sustainable way, grazing a mixture of permanent limestone grassland pastures and herb rich grass leys which are a proven way of capturing carbon whist benefiting pollinators and invertebrates.  We have planted thousands of trees, have areas of land that we grow seeding plants to feed our smaller birds through the winter and pockets of land that are left to rewild.

We are also very proud to be members of the Red Tractor farm assurance scheme who independently inspect and audit our farm to help give consumers greater confidence in the food we produce here in Britain. Check out this video of James saying why he supports Red Tractor.

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