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Update from the farm – and how to get the most out of your visit

Here’s the low-down on what we’ve been up to lately – plus some forward planning tips to help make your stay with us as relaxing and magical as possible. Our glamping site will be opening soon for 2024, and we can’t wait to welcome you! 

Farm update: Calves and lambs

With spring well and truly in the air, it’s a busy time here at Warren Farm. We’ve started to sell some of last year’s calves, and we’re marketing our lambs that were born last May. They’re now back on the farm after grazing on neighbouring farms over the winter in an arrangement known as tack grazing, which gives our land a rest while helping to keep our neighbours’ ground in order (read more about it in this blog post). 

Glamping site open for booking 2024

Meanwhile, we’ve entered a government scheme, the Sustainable Farming Incentive, to support biodiversity on our land. This has enabled us to ramp up our existing programme of planting to support wild birds, pollinators, carbon sequestration and soil health. 

We’re sowing a mix of barley, oats, and peas – known as “whole crop” – for animal feed, plus 300 acres of herbs and legumes consisting mainly of clovers, which are especially valuable for the soil: they absorb nitrogen from the atmosphere and the bacterial nodules in their roots then convert it and release that nitrogen into the soil, helping the grass to grow.

Farm Update: Sustainable Farming Incentive

We’re also putting in four acres of seed mixes. Livestock will be kept out of these areas; the flowers will bloom in late spring and early summer, supporting pollinators and invertebrates and then their seeds will be there for wild birds as we head into winter.

Along the way, we’ll be taking soil samples and sending those off to a laboratory for testing, to give us an idea of the nutrient levels in the soil. These include phosphates, potash, nitrogen, sulphur, magnesium iron, sulphate, and OM, which stands for organic matter. OM is becoming more important because it’s a measure of the carbon sequestration abilities of the soil. We’re interested to see how the soil quality develops as we go on.

While the daily tasks of the farm are keeping us busy, we’re also getting our glamping site ready for our first visitors of the year – and with that in mind, we thought we’d share our tips on how to make the most out of your break with us…

Our glamping site - wood-burning range

Plan your first meal before you get here

This is super useful, especially if you’ll be arriving in the dark. Remember, there are no electric lights or electric cooking gadgets here. We’re all about unplugging, slowing down, and getting back to nature. Bringing something that is prepped ready to be barbecued or cooked on the hot plate of your wood-burning stove will make your first meal far easier. 

If you’re staying in one of our log cabins, you’ll also have the option to cook in your wood-burning range. And remember, the ashes of your fire are wonderful for baking potatoes!

To make life easier, you can pre-order hampers of local and farm goodies and we’ll have them ready and waiting for you – or you can visit our on-site honesty shop when you arrive, which has everything from our home-reared meats to essentials such as milk, cheese and pasta.

Our glamping site: Travel updates

Allow enough time to get here

This is especially important if you’re travelling to our glamping site on a Friday, when traffic might be moving more slowly than usual. Leaving earlier gives you the chance to get unpacked and settled in while it’s still daylight. 

Get directions to us here

Travel updates here

Our glamping site: Weather updates

Check the weather forecast

This will help you plan your activities during your stay – and the beauty of staying with us is that there’s something to do whatever the weather. In wet weather, the area has much to offer in the way of undercover attractions, from museums and historic buildings, while on the farm, our barn is well equipped with sofas, tables, board games, pool, table football and more (plus a cosy bevvy of sofas around the wood burner).

On sunny days, kids love exploring the farm, meeting the animals, enjoying the playground, and running free while their parents relax with a glass of wine or two. There are also plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in the area, from cycling the Strawberry Line to pony trekking. And if you love country walks, we have them by the dozen, taking in spectacular views of the Mendip Hills.

Whatever the weather, many people just choose to stay here on our glamping site at Warren Farm, taking time to relax, get out of work mode, get the fire going, and just thinking from one meal to the next. Our guests love cooking on our stoves and fires – it’s a chance to experiment and bring out your inner adventurer.

Weather updates here

Bring something cosy for the evenings

Our glamping site - wrap up cosy

Even in the heights of summer, the air can crisp up in the evening, so make sure you bring something to wrap up in as you sit around the fire under the stars. And this being Britain, it goes without saying that you should have some wet weather gear – but rest assured, camping here in the rain is magical: the patter of rain on canvas, the smell of woodsmoke, and the promise of a great home-cooked meal – what could be more relaxing?

Glamping site open for booking 2024